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Rum adalah sejenis arak.


A spirit distilled from molasses. Rum is a West Indian product, first recorded in Barbados around 1600. British sailors once sailed the seas full of rum. In colour it varies from water white, its natural colour, through amber to golden brown. The only colouring used is sugar caramel which does not affect the flavour.
Beside cocktails, rum is used as the basis of many short and long drinks, such as Collins and Toddies.

(from book : Food Encyclopedia - Peter Russell-Clarke)


Rum is distilled from sugar cane and molasses. Produced mainly in the West Indies, colorless and dark varieties are available. Rum is used in baking, desserts and cocktails.

(from book : The Book of Ingredients -Philip Dowell & Adrian Bailey)


Rum 101 - What Is Rum?

basics of rum

Rum is an alcoholic spirit made from sugar cane, or it's derivatives. According to the United States Government Federal Standards of Identity, the following paragraph offers an official definition of rum.
(f) Class 6; rum. "Rum" is an alcoholic distillate from the fermented juice of sugar cane, sugar cane syrup, sugar cane molasses, or other sugar cane by-products, produced at less than 190 proof in such manner that the distillate possesses the taste, aroma and characteristics generally attributed to rum, and bottled at not less than 80 proof; and also includes mixtures solely of such distillates.

(from website : RUM )


Maklumat tambahan

Rum boleh di ganti dengan bahan lain dalam masakan .

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Liquor distilled from molasses or sugar syrup.

Substitute for :
For light rum, use pineapple juice flavored with almond extract. For dark rum, use molasses thinned with pineapple juice and flavored with almond extract. Or use rum extract flavoring.

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